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Keep your business beautiful with a complete range of professional pressure washing services

No matter what kind of commercial property you may own or operate, keeping exterior elements clean is essential for projecting a professional image, promoting safety on your property, and prolonging the service life of buildings, sidewalks, patios, and more.

At The 99 House Wash, we understand the unique needs of commercial clients, and you can rely on us to fulfil your needs on time and on budget. We use state of the art hot water pressure washing equipment plus eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean all kinds of exterior surfaces thoroughly without harm to your property, the surrounding landscaping, or the environment.

Our core services include:

Rust Removal: Eliminate unsightly orange stains from rust, irrigation, fertilizer, and battery acid burn with our safe and effective rust removal service.

Restaurant Cleaning: Keep customers happy with a restaurant that looks clean on the outside as well as on the inside. We can handle all your exterior cleaning needs.

Gum Removal: We use low-pressure heat to melt away gum. This eliminates unsightly black marks without risk of etching or damaging surfaces with high pressure water.

Graffiti Removal: Don’t let graffiti spoil the appearance and value of your commercial property. We know the best techniques for removing graffiti from various surfaces without damage.

Concrete Cleaning: From sidewalks to parking lots to exterior walls, we can keep all your concrete looking clean and fresh with professional pressure washing services.

Building Cleaning: Remove dirt, exhaust residue, mildew, and more from your building exterior with 99 House Wash. We clean concrete, wood, stucco, brick, and more.

Parking Garage Cleaning: With routine cleaning, we can keep the floors and walls of your parking garage free of gum, oil, spilled food, exhaust residue, and other messes.

Sidewalk Cleaning:
Using state of the art pressure washing equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents, we can make sure your sidewalks give a good first impression.

Why Choose 99 House Wash 

Many years of experience
Family owned and operated
Environmentally conscious
Adjustable commercial equipment
100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Free quotes and fair prices