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How Pressure Washing Can Increase Your Property Value:

Realtors agree...pressure washing is the least expensive improvement you can make when you want to get a major increase in price for your home. In some markets you may see as much as a 5% increase in home value after professional pressure washing. Here’s why.

  • Pressure washing improves curb appeal by removing the gray, dingy coating of dirt, dust, and exhaust residue that tends to build up on exterior walls, tile roofs, driveways, paths, and patios over time. Pressure washing can also remove mold, mildew, algae, graffiti, rust stains, oil stains, and other blemishes.
  • Pressure washing can take years off of a property’s appearance, and we all know that newer properties sell for higher prices.
  • Pressure washing can relieve buyers’ maintenance concerns. For example, making an old, dirty driveway sparkle will keep buyers from thinking they might have to replace the driveway and trying to deduct the cost of the work from your asking price.
  • Pressure washing can revitalize outdoor living spaces. A mossy, grimy patio is a liability. But a fresh, clean one is an asset that you can leverage as an amenity to improve your property value.

Whether you are preparing to put your house on the market soon, or you just want to do some spring cleaning to improve curb appeal for your own enjoyment, pressure washing is a simple, cost-effective service that you simply can’t do without.


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